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1969-S Lincoln Cent

Here's a question from Kori.

Question: I have a coin book that states that certain 1969 S Pennies are worth $1000.00 each. What makes them worth that much, what is the difference from a normal S penny and what should I be looking for?

Answer: The rarity is what makes them worth that much, and the difference from a normal 1969-S Lincoln Cent is that expensive coin has a double die obverse.

To tell if you have one, look at the words on the front of the coin. You will see strong doubling on all the letters, meaning In God We Trust, Liberty and the date.

If you're lucky enough to find one, you can see how much they're worth on the Lincoln cent price guide.

Happy hunting!

Reader comments

I have a set of coins with ronald reagan on them.How can I find out the value? What are the value?

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Sets of coins are hard to price, but you can check on Ebay to see what similar sets have been selling for or you could contact a dealer to see how much they would offer you.

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